How does one explain cockcheese? Imagine twenty men, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a group circle. Then, all of them whip out their dicks and masturbate for three consecutive hours. The juices all land in the middle of the circle, mixing into a puddle and eventually a giant mountain of cum. After the event is over, the residue is left on the floor for a few days. And, well, you know how milk becomes like cottage cheese if you leave it out in the open for a few days? Apply the same process, and will form a similar product with the same textures and a very delicious taste. There you have it, Cockcheese.
Afterwards, Cockcheese is often scooped and placed in separate containers, ready to be sold in stores. While most enjoy this most luxurious product plain, it often comes in different variations for the more adventurous types. There is, for example, Swiss Cockcheese in which the participating males stick their dicks in the material after the cottage cheese effect, thus forming holes for a more exotic design. Or for you activist mothers out there who don't want to consume a product with the harmful effects of pesticides from participating males, we have Organic Cockcheese for an extra $1.99.
by Dorr200789 December 28, 2009
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Cheese found growing on between the foreskin and bellend. Also more generally used as an insult.
Yo momma is such a cockcheese.
by Dz wanks goats July 5, 2003
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Forget Tuna and cheese toastie...cockcheese toastie speaks for itself although couldn't find it via any established restaurant this recipes is home alone..
Wow gonna save that boyfriend for a Cockcheese toastie!
by Anniekiss July 15, 2021
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