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After you have anal sex with your partner and you find a piece of undigested corn lodged in your penis. This is known as a Cobb salad. For corn kernel removal see reverse corn Cobb.
My friend and his girlfriend had corn for dinner. Later that night they had anal sex. The next morning, my friend discovered he got a Cobb salad. He was unable to urinate because he had an undigested corn kernel stuck up his penis. MY friend is really Me.
by hello19572000 February 27, 2011
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when your girl is downtown and around the corner, licking your brown eye, a piece of undigested corn simultaneously slides out of your bum and into her mouth
when I've had too much corn for dinner and she wants some for dessert
by balls to tha wall July 30, 2004
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The result of shaving while mounting your partner's rear in the style of the dog, letting the hairs fall onto your lubricated phallus and into her poop chute. Shortly there afterward, pull out and blow a load onto the mess. Smear it around liberally.
I like to rub my shlong into the greasy, gritty cobb salad i leave every time. My girlfriend doesn't, but she doesn't mind because I look better now.
by b0000330rnncncvxxx00 December 08, 2010
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