"Give me my money."
"Coad. No wait you already did."
by NemoSmith September 25, 2009
A rebel who wants to go against the rules and eat McDonalds for breakfast.
Wow, he's as great as a Coad
by wheeeeeeeewheeeeeeee March 28, 2019
COAD sun glasses a.k.a Centre of Attention Disorder sun glasses.
Glasses worn by people when they are trying to be inconspicuous, the glasses however make them the centre of attention, as the glasses usually worn are the big type that try to conceal something, usually a black eye.
BJ Cartlidge: Dude why are you wearing COAD sun glasses?
Quasim: Got punched man, black eye is a pain.
BJ Cartlidge: Fuck the glasses man, wear the black eye proud.
Quasim: Nah, I need COAD sun glasses.
by KazZ! April 27, 2010
I Ranga who is the best in the world at everything. He will smash his friends in everything.
Jeremiah coad would smash Mahdi, Adam , And the fat fucking dog Marco Fiorino Fuck him
by Pussy lover101 November 1, 2019
coade is a extremely hot and sexy person you should be friends with <3
by Coade Is Sexy September 5, 2021
Often referred to as a small individual with an enormous schlong.

Possible purple belt.
There goes Coads with his gigantic schlock over his shoulder
by Coadster November 23, 2021