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When a device or situation is of great complexity and either cannot be explained easily or leaves the respondant dumbfounded or perplexed as to actually giving an accurate assesment. When the characteristics of something entails a bunch of different aspects which seemingly do not make sense.
Woman (looking at a crashed car): That car is totalled! What do you think?

Man (Shaking his head): Yep. It's definitely a cluge.
by Ben91069 November 17, 2006
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A "quick and dirty" fix, a jury-rig, a band-aid, a duct-tape fix. A quick solution to a problem that would not likely be used if there were more time or better resources. Connotations include that the fix may be unstable, awkward or humorous. Also spelled "Kludge" (perhaps the most common spelling) and "Kluge".
A: "Damn, the radiator hose blew!"
B: "Just wrap it up with duct tape."
A: "What a cluge!"
B: "Yeah, but it'll hold till we can get a new hose."
by omoikane no mago July 27, 2018
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