In World Of Warcraft, a player who's class only uses cloth armor, and is unable to use leather, mail, or plate.
Don't let them attack me guys, I'm only a clothie!!
by Cutsharp November 13, 2010
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A low-ranking, low-commitment variety of handjob, wherein the female (or male) masturbates the male's erect penis by grasping it through his underpants. This results in the penis being stimulated primarily by the rubbing of cloth against skin. Depending on the male's tactile sensitivity (as well as his desperation), and on the female's adroitness, this act can range from only mildly uncomfortable to quite uncomfortable.
Vanessa, still half asleep, rolled over and gave me a clothy; it certainly wasn't what I wanted, but at that point I was willing to take whatever I could get.
by SimianZero June 18, 2009
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