A homosexual guy, preferably in highschool or college who is gay but keeps his sexuality a secret. A closet gay can be ANYONE. I know guys from highschool who only talked about tits and ass, yet now they're out as gay.

The closet part comes from coming out as gay, vice versa if you haven't came out you're still in the closet.
Has John ever dated a chick? I think he might be a closet gay.
by VerusVissum February 17, 2015
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A closet homosexual is what most gay supporters are. These supposedly "straight" people spend all their time defending homosexuality that it's clear that they must be gay themselves hence their obsession with it. They call anyone who finds disgust with homosexuality a "bigot" even if they don't hate the gay person themselves. Their common argument (which is also illogical) against "gay haters" is that they must be gay themselves because they find the concept of two guys pounding each other hard in the ass repulsive. Perhaps it's these gay defenders who are gay themselves?
Jimmy: "Anyone who doesn't find two men kissing cool is a bigot and homophobe and probably a closet gay themselves!" (meaning that gays hate themselves)
Jack: "Yeah I agree! I'm a straight man but I love gays!"

*Jack and Jimmy walk away from the crowd that they were preaching too and then start sucking each other's cocks*
by Skialian January 5, 2014
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What most atheists are hence their constant whining about homosexuality.
Jimmy the closet gay atheist took a huge cock up his ass while preaching about his bullshit atheism.
by Skialian January 5, 2014
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"Someone who hasn't outed their sexuality yet"
by uwufuuuuj August 30, 2017
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A gay that has not come into their sexuality. ie; Nate Tompkins
Nate is a prime example of a closeted gay.
by kylxren January 10, 2019
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Your just gay but refuse to say you are :/
Max your such a "in the closet gay" just admit!!
by Camiashit May 22, 2021
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