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When a bronie is masterbating to Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash going full lez on PonyHub in his moms basement at 4am.
Twilight Sparkle: "Spank me harder Rainbow Dash!"

Rainbow Dash: *whip* *whip*

Bronie : "This is good clopping material

Bronie: *clop* *clop* *clop*
by CuckedAF November 17, 2016
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The term for masturbation used by bronies.
<Brony> "I was Clopping all last night in my living room and played really loud music and ate all the food in the house since my parents were not home"

<Average guy> "Whats clopping"

<Brony> "Masturbation"
by Hurrderr123 July 16, 2011
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An horrible sexual fetish involving mlp. Usually combined with other inhuman perversions like futanari, furry, rule34 or bestiality. A common perversion for bronies, even if they vehemently deny that. Examples can be found in r/clopping, in the Rule34 site or in the Fluffybooru site. Threads involving clopping are immediately deleted by the mods of the site that cannot be named ( Rule 1 ). If you find yourself attracted by clopping, please report to the nearest Arbiter station for immediate execution.
Brony: I am into clopping, but it is just an harmless kink
Sane human being: *Revs a chainsword and guts the brony alive.
Brony: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE! Celestia help meeeeeeeeeee!
Sane human being: May the Emperor have mercy for you, because I won't.
by MassiveAnalLeakage May 30, 2018
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