When people are constantly checking for you and trying to police your actions. These can be haters or people low key obsessed with you and wanna know your ever move
Friend 1: You really just put on that fit to take a picture

Friend 2: Damn, can I live? I ain’t really we was clockin niggas
by Don’tFindMe April 29, 2019
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Examples: Selling drugs or other illegal materials, pimping whores, and any other way of making money illegally.
Gangster #1: Damn Quincy, where are you going at 5 in the morning?

Gangster #2: You know I sell anything for profit, so I'll be on the corner clockin.
by Allen Schmidt July 17, 2005
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Trappin or other types of hustlin. Used in the south. 4 those who aint 4rm the A trappin means selling drugs.
4rm the song boyz n da hood:

them boyz in da hood'll sell anything 4 profit/5 in the mornin, on the corner clockin
by nikkipooh_thatgapeach September 1, 2005
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To check-out or watch something.
Man I be clockin' da hoes at duh club. Hoping to get up n'im tonight yo.
by cardopolis July 7, 2005
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Primarily selling crack cocaine, because a crack dealer is constantly busy feeding crack fiends who need a hit as often as possible. therefore the person is clocking all day out on the block hustlin that dope. cuz the fiends never rest.
Wake up in the morning i hit the block and clock till i drop, hit my house reload and in no time im clockin again.
by braddock1985 February 19, 2008
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Hustlin'. Selling weed, sneakers, woman, what ever as long as its a hustle.
by J-lizzle June 20, 2005
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its some boys in the hood sell anything for profit, 5 in the morning on the corner clockin'
by laydee_b July 14, 2005
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