The act of dealing or selling illegal drugs for the accumulation of wealth. Drug dealers often partake in “Trappin”. The word originates from Atlanta Georgia.
"I was trappin on the corner when the 5o rolled up", or, "He is trappin at the party and making a killin"
by T.I March 4, 2005
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To keep working. Staying in a state of progression. Trying to progress. While accomplishing a task. Also selling drugs with no significant gain, and/or promotion with a high probability of loss, hence the trap.
In the hood trappin, trappin out the house with the boards on the window
by AntDawg November 23, 2013
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trappin' is when you get a motel room in a shitty part of town with minimal police traffic but preferably on a bus-line where you use motel room as your one-nighy only storefront for the candy house; commonly selling drugs and sex, together or separate. IMPORTANT: MUST NOT BE RESERVED IN YOUR OWN NAME.
You wouldn't believe tha fat stacks of cash I git' wiff 'dis ho trappin' for me, bruh. Bitch be rakin' it up and hustlin' these mothafuckas like they at the boat and she's the House.... And the House always wins.
by HookerAmy2018 July 23, 2019
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Making It Happen, doing something or another to make it money. (DOESNT HAVE TO BE ILLEGAL!)
“At work, Trappin theses hours”

“Started my own thang trappin cd’s & dvd’s”

“Girl you know I’m trappin this hair, my side hustle”
by Lingo Greatest May 19, 2018
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To work
To make the money
To give up church for the dollar
Adrianna is missing church this morning because she be trappin.
by Bigmomma6 August 5, 2018
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The act of obtaining wealth through selling drugs, but also can be used to describe the act of obtaining money outside of a job or money that is gained and not on the IRS records.
Just because i dont sell drugs dont mean im not out here trappin
by yung'n'savge95 August 17, 2016
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James be trappin on Taylor road
by ShAdY September 7, 2003
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