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A splinter group of people or rebels in a much larger group, with there own morals and agenda to the main group.
James and his cliq, talk behind big boss Danny’s back and the rest of the team, as they don’t like his hairy trash.
by John Snith January 21, 2018
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A personal message(pm)support network of like minded users-cliqsters-at an online site or forum.

Creationists often came to the science sub-forums at RDF to try and derail the dialectic. When a cliqster finds one posting their sermons, he sends a 'batch' pm to all the others. It includes a link to 'click,' which takes them right to the current point of discussion on the flagged thread. They thereby maximize the visibility of their consensus viewpoint by presenting it on many different debates they might have missed without being part of the cliq.
by Recursive Prophet April 20, 2009
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Term Used For MP3 Music Tracks.
Listen To My Cliqs Yo.
by Phil006 March 18, 2007
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A young upcoming group of four artists from Toronto, ON. The artists include Bashful, Rewind, Gwop, and Chilli Chilly.
Stuart: "HEY! Did you see Cliq Cosmo perform!?"
Anne: "YEA! They were AMAZING!"
Elizabeth: "I LIKE SHELLFISH" *hits herself in the face
by JessiicaBarbiie October 23, 2011
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Your confidante, someone who is there whenever you need, with just a click! Knows your taste inside out – from clothes, to your ride-or-die tech, to your makeup mood board.
It's the perfect season to curl up with a good book and some CLiQ

If you can't find me, I'll be in my room with my besties, Netflix and CLiQ
by cliq234 November 24, 2021
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