The practice of web-browsing for information or pleasure by clicking a link on one page and then again on the page that opens, usually drifting from topic to topic as takes the reader's interest. While the term clinking is used commonly to refer to all web browsing, it is used more frequently in regards to browsing Wikipedia.

Also known less commonly as 'Playing six degrees of separation'.

An amalgamation of the words clicking and link.
"I was clinking my way through Wikipedia last night. I looked up 'Unions' for school then clinked my way through metal workers, train track making and ended up on this page about a guy who actually survived a steel rod into his brain."
by Chanel #5 August 27, 2007
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A term said by a group of males after they pass by 2 or more physically attractive females. The term is in reference to hot girls as "dimes," meaning that when they move around, they metaphorically make the sound "clink, clink" like coins.
Tyrone: Dude, look at that ass on Tasha and her friend, they are fine!
Latwane: I know, It's Clink Clink motha' F'er.
by YungBreezy9 January 31, 2009
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jail, stir, hoosegow, big house, iron bar motel, pen, pokey, slammer, joint, cooler, can
Jeff was picked up for public intoxication and is now in the clink for the weekend!
by Czarrick October 16, 2005
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also cooler, iron city, lockdown, tank, and bighouse
Spending any time in the clink has to suck.
by ricky roma November 18, 2003
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