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The mark left on the clitoris by an excessive amount of sucking causing an excessive blood flow. Also known as a hickey on the clitoris.
Patrick gave Trina a hickey in a more private place. That's called a clickey.
by Patrick Escott December 04, 2006
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A hickey given to a woman on her clit. Clit+hickey=a clickey
I was going down on my girl & sucked too hard on her clit & gave her a clickey.
by KO1212 March 02, 2014
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A clickey is a variation on a hickey, but administered to the clit. It involves one person performing cunnilingus on another, combing biting and sucking actions on the clit to the point where a temporary mark is left. Has been known to cause extreme pain, and, on occasion, clitoral rupturing. Proceed with caution.
"Hey Wheels! I could eat your pussy out all day! What the fuck? Your clit is redder than normal. Who else has been giving you clickeys? You bitch!"
by Jamie Cordes March 22, 2005
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