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A term that can be used as a substitute for a word withing a phrase that has been propelled into the pop-culture scene
I put my Clergs up in the air, California Clergs, Damn it feels good to be a Clerg, We're living on a Clerg, Teenage Clerg, Only Clerg in the world, Love the way you Clerg,
by DJ NB November 25, 2010
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1. a cool nerd

2. It is a term used to describe that friend or friends in a group (or even just the whole group itself) who's range is somewhere between the cool and nerd spectrum.

3. that weird unrelatable guy who doesn't fit in any group other that his own group of clergs

4. A guy who's too cool to be nerdy, but also too nerdy to be cool.
*Friend passes by* Hi friend!!
* whispers under own breath* Oh my gosh! He's such a clerg.
by Valentin Carillo May 11, 2018
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