When you go into your room, close the door and turn the vacuum on so no one can hear you. You then begin to dry hump your bed. Soon you take your pants off and begin to violently masturbate. You get so into it you begin to throw things and knock things over and then you jizz everywhere.
Example of cleaning your room:

Jill: So why haven't you been answering my calls?
Brian: Ive been cleaning my room.
Jill: I hope you used the vacuum
by theking0514 November 03, 2010
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slang phrase for "perform oral sex upon"
"bobbo....i'll clean your room" actually meaning "bobbo....i'll give you a blowjob"
by zito November 26, 2003
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A famous catchphrase of the renowned psychologist and phylosophical thinker, professor Jordan B. Peterson, referring to the fact that instead of starting to complain about our national or global problems, we should rather focus on what we can do to improve ourselves, our family, our local community, the spaces we are personally responsible for (like our rooms).
"This capitalist system really sucks, I'm going to do everything to overthrow it!"
"I'm not sure you are qualified to do that safely in any way. Instead, you could set an example and improve things in your immediate sphere of competence! Clean up your room, for starters!"
by Edward the Butler May 22, 2018
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