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Someone playing Halo 2 who kills you while your health meter is low or someone who does not participate in fights between 2 or 3 people steals the kill to get the double or triple kill.
Antonio is such a clean up crew. He comes during a fight with full health and gets a double kill.
by ximek09 March 06, 2009
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The title given to the group of partiers that sleep over at the house and who's duty it is to clean the drunken damage in the morning.
nick: dude this party is going to be poppin' we should establish a clean up crew now

nic: you know I'm a professional at getting throw up and poop out of carpets man, I'll be down the morning after.
by VanguardP August 17, 2009
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When you jack off and cum all over the floors and walls, your dog (clean up crew) will help you clean it, using his tongue.
Gunnar Jacked his small peter off and came all over the place and he whistled for the clean up crew to clean it up.
by Phillabaum July 22, 2010
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When you have an orgy with at least 10 janitors and all the liquids get on the floor and at the end the janitors have to clean it up with their tongues
"I was at school one day and we had to hire the clean-up crew"
by Rakesh-hakeem allasah October 26, 2016
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A term used in a standard FPS, or otherwise competitive Player versus Player game, where all of the other teammates are trying their poor little heart outs, only to have their rightful kills stolen by their bastard teammate.
Oh shit, that guy's 1 shot, quick, BR!!

Look at that rogue stunlocking that baddie, oh, whats this, 3k HP? CHARGE!!

Wow, this is why Gear sucks, I was about to two piece them when my noob-ass teammate hits em both with a boomshot.

I hate juggerfags. They always get hit by the Clean up Crew
by McBabyStomperr May 25, 2010
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