similar to grenades(ugly fat chicks) or land mines(skinny ugly chicks). these girls are cute from behind but once they turn around or you get to close them you notice there ugly and its too late.
She had a nice ass.. but when she turn around i couldn't say the same for her face..damn claymores got me again
by alejandro bueno August 23, 2010
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Flatulence released in an area where another person is expected to pass through.
Frank walked up the stairway just before lunchtime. As he opened the door he did not see anyone in the hall yet and dropped a claymore before closing the door.
by NIIC-T April 01, 2009
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One of the greatest mix drinks ever. Similar to a jagerbomb but it has more awesome in it. It is made by mixing 1 shot of cointreau with 2 shots of drambuie in a tumbler, lighting it, and then dropping it into a pint of corona. Some people do not light it because it goes out pretty much instantly after it's submerged.
Spencer: Let's get a round of claymores!
Liat: AWESOME, I needa get my mac on!
Matt: It's that bitchin'?
Liat: hells yeah!
by Liat October 03, 2007
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