A compound of clap and laughter made to describe the reaction that social justice Advocates when they see a "comedian" they like. No laughter is actually involved and the person initiating the reaction is not really a comedian but rather a social justice Advocate giving a speech. Whenever the "comedian" makes a point the audience likes they clap and this is what we refer to as Claughter.

Replacing laughter with Applause
Trevor noah: orange man bad
Audience: *Applause
Me: wow Trevor's on fire today just listen to that uproarious Claughter
by num1shinfan December 15, 2018
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When a person laughs so much, they start clapping.
*Comedian tells a funny joke*

John: OH MY GOD! LOL! *starts laughing and clapping*

Mike: Dude... claughter is so stupid, let the comedian finish his routine.
by Rachgotthis November 4, 2009
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To be mackin. To destroy.
Still claughtered cuz I’m a real geezer
by Claughter June 6, 2021
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