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Same as a Cubicle Coma but takes place in a college or high school classroom instead of a cubicle.
As soon as I sat down at my school desk, I started yawning and falling asleep, and was instantly in a classroom coma, but as soon as I got to my car, I felt wide-awake.
by Jite September 20, 2010
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When you wake up and feel energized but as soon as you enter the classroom, a wave of exhaustion comes over you & have trouble staying awake for the duration of class. Amazingly, once you leave the vile classroom atmosphere, you suddenly become energized & ready to conquer the world!
As soon as I entered class, I had trouble staying awake and fell into a classroom coma!
by Demi K August 29, 2010
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like a cubicle coma, when you have immense energy before class, but once you sit down, you hit the doldrums and get really sleepy. but once that bell rings and your out you gain all your energy back.
I woke up, went to the gym and hit it hard, but once i got to school, i went into a classroom coma, and found it hard to stay awake. After class, i went back into the gym and played basketball
by Paraphaneilya August 24, 2010
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Similar to the Cubicle Coma (See Cubicle Coma) It takes it's toll in the same manner, but you tend to wake up either:

1) directly on the ring of the bell for the end of the period.

2) in time for lunch, or

3) when school ends.
I've had classroom coma even from early childhood. I mainly say this because I was being given a speech by the principal, only to succumb to it, fall asleep, and wake up with out a clue what happened but suddenly ready for anything.
by Sephirion August 29, 2010
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