A cool way to say classic.

Antomnym: Unclassif
Me: Oh my god did you see Sharon today? She is totally classif.
Friend 1: OMG! So true!
by giuseppe420 October 10, 2017
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The process of grouping things based on their similarities
That kid Kanin is grouping things based on similarities which is also called Classification
by WowBro12345654321 February 15, 2018
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System used for identifying different types of party's or a social get together. An early warning system to provide information about the party prior to arriving. This system measures the ratio of men to woman, as well as probability of authorities arriving on scene to end the get together.


Stage 1:
Party Size: 4 - 6 persons
Sex Ratio: 3 Men : 1 Woman
Police Encounter: Extremely low
Noise: Low to moderate

Stage 2:
Party Size: 7 - 9 persons
Sex Ratio: 4 Men : 2 Woman
Police Encounter: Low to moderate
Noise: Moderate to high

Stage 3:
Party Size: 10 - 15 persons
Sex Ratio: 4 Men : 3 Woman
Police Encounter: High
Noise: High

Stage 4:
Party Size: 16+
Sex Ratio 4 Men : 4 Woman
Police Encounter: Extremely high
Noise Extremely high
Party Classifications Stage 1 - This party sucks!

Party Classifications Stage 2 - This party definitely needs more action!

Party Classifications Stage 3 - This party is pretty live!

Party Classifications Stage 4 - WOW! Look at all these people! I love it! RUNNN COPS!!!
by Diddly Doodly Dee November 10, 2010
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