A really trashy object/person that tries to make its self seem classy... like a diamond encrusted dildo or any of the Real Housewives or girls on the Jersey Shore
Teresa: Hey Danielle look at my diamond encrusted dildo my juice-head husband gave me!!! You Prostitution Whore!!!!

Danielle: You're such a Clashy Bitch Teresa... why don't you go flip a table again...
by Petie Sedgwick February 14, 2010
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A derogatory word used against people who are heavily addicted to playing Clash Royale. A person who is a Clashie will tend use the app above the average human and will often influence them to abuse the app.

There is a fine line between a person who just plays clash and a person who is a Clashie, a person who plays clash has an equal amount of time with the mobile game and with reality and doesn't get violent in any way if they lose. A person who is a Clashie will go above their screen time and make the game their livelihood, in occasion a Clashie will get violent will get verbally violent if they are losing in a battle and will have a hard time calming down afterword's.
Paul: "Omg have you seen Kian lately? He's become such a Clashie."
Alex: "You're right about that but remember you can't reclaim that slur.'
Paul: "Oh right sorry!"
by idontevenknowwhattwiceis February 13, 2022
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When two people’s personalities and beliefs clash to the point where one or both really dislike the other. The dislike may or may not be explicitly expressed.
John (super conservative southern male): I think women should have to meet the same physical standards as men in certain jobs, regardless of what biology dictates about that matter.
Sheila (politically moderate from North Dakota): *Stares judementally with one eye brow raised*
(A different day) John: Oh hey Sheila! Wanna go out to lunch with me sometime?
Sheila: *trying to hide her disdain* Oh ya,. About that, I have a boyfriend. (She doesn’t).

John (in his thoughts): Idk, I guess we’re just really clashy.
by Italiangirl99 March 24, 2019
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A wery cool gui that is caering anf likes musik.
and he is a spezialist with the grammy awards.
"Bruder ,die grammys sind voll scheiße"
by Superprogamer69 April 9, 2021
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