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A person who is extremely shy when not with friends. He sometimes likes to muck around to cheer others up and when he is purposely funny or trying to annoy people, all you want to do is laugh. When he actually talks to you, he's okay to hang around. Some people also try to 'ship' him with people... I don't know why.
Example 1
Jeff: "Hey did you see what Clarry just did?"

Sam: "Yeah, it was hilarious! Even if people thought it was annoying."

Example 2

Person 1: "Hey Clarry you wanna play soccer at lunch?"
Clarry: "Yeah, of course! I'll meet you on the oval."
by IMORSOME May 31, 2018
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A very annoying person. One of the most 'pain in the neck' people you find are clarrys. Sometimes they can look they are cool or handsome, but really they're just nerds.
Clarry: "Hey you! This is what you did, 'na na na e e'"
Person: "No I didn't"
Clarry: "Yes you did! You did!"
Person: "No"
by Anonymous human being... September 17, 2015
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