The name Clarita is used to describe someone who is strong but when she's had enough she'll tear up she's the most loyal honest and sincere girl you'll meet she's very beautiful and athletic don't let a Clarita go.....
I love Clarita so much
by Gxffu December 22, 2016
From the little Filipina Clarita of Gubat. The word is Latin derived which means little Clara. Clara is derived from the Medieval name derived from Latin clarus "clear, bright, famous". Saint Clare, a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi, left her wealthy family to found the order of nuns known as the Poor Clares. This is also the name of an Irish county which was named for the Norman invader Richard de Clare (known as Strongbow), whose surname is derived from an English river.
Hi Clarita! It's me John.
by John March 27, 2005
Claire is the most beautiful and smartest girl you'll ever meet. Her beautiful blonde hair will immediately hypnotize you and her beautiful vibrating eyes. She loves reading and writing wattpad stories. She is also a major bookworm. She supports the LGBTQ and she rejects boys by saying "No, sorry I'm gay". She has gotten a love letter by a lesbian chick once in her life, and she rejected her with a poem. What a legend. She dislikes kids and hates most men, except for BangChan, NCT bois, BTS, Got7, etc. She likes to dab, whip and nae nae. She sometimes makes people jeaolous with her outstanding grades. Also, she protec and she atac, but most importantly she a snac.
"Hey, I heard Clarita got an A in her test again."
by izzDibi March 6, 2019
Place full of blue collared people that act rude and stuck up as if they lived in Beverly Hills but are too poor to afford it (hence they live in Santa Clarita). They like to act like they arent as ghetto as Palmdale but they are. They only reason they dont see it that way is becasue Santa Clarita is full of low achieving losers that have never actually left, so they will never understand that Santa Clarita and Palmdale are essentially the same town. When you confront them about this and ask why they have never left they will say something dumb like "i gO To LA On tHe wEeKeNdS". Ok dummy we mean actually lived somewhere else after graduating from high school. They think going to the mall is fun... newsflash its not the 90's anymore, or that going to Six Flags is the time of their life. The men there either act like ratchet wannabe gang bangers or like racist trash that wished they lived by the beach. The women are the same except that the white women there act like your typical Karen, you know just a bunch of regular bi**** but not as hot as the women you see in LA. It is a boring suburb full of the most mediocre people. The funniest thing I had someone from Santa Clarita ask me was "What aresome of your favorite places to go out to at night here in Santa Clarita" poor soul has never actually been anywhere, there are no bars or nightlife in Santa Clarita. Oh there must be somwthing in the water there becasue most of the people are simple minded!
Person 1: Wanna go somewhere boring, racist, and full of trash this weekend?
Person 2: Why do you keep trying to drag me to Santa Clarita CA? If you're trying to torture me its not gonna work.
by PurpleSmith July 20, 2021
Don't live here unless you're above the age of 30 and plan on having no cultural stimulation. The police don't like children here and harass them regularly. The city does everything it can to prevent transit from going in and out of the city after dark and on weekends so kids without cars have nothing else better to do but sit around and fear the police.

Boring, Fascist, and Conservative.

a.k.a. The People's Republic of Santa Clarita

(Santa Clarita)
You guys wanna smoke a bowl and hang out in Town Center?

Of course, there's nothing else to do in this town.
by Entropic September 13, 2006
All the shitty boring white people live here. There used to be better looking girls here, but they all moved out. Nowadays, when you visit here it’s a bunch of, “Karen’s.” Unattractive women who no guys wants unless the guy is thirsty and not good looking. Come here for Six Flags Magic Mountain and get the fuck out. Move on with your day.
Holy cow, nowadays Santa Clarita is filled with Karen’s and Shitty boring ugly white people. Damn. This place turned shittier.
by DrCumtastic November 1, 2021
A city in California. South of Fraisure Park and north of the Sanfernando Valley. It is filled with upper middle class families who live in their little cookie cutter boxes. There are 5 main areas of Santa Clarita: Valencia, Saugus, Newhall, Canyon Country, and Stevenson's Ranch. It is a major center for many people in the show biz like Jamie Lynn Spears, Taylor Lautner, Sasha Petirse, and Madison Davenport. It is also filled with annoying teenage girls that have enough money to be well off, but act as though they are rich socialites. It is also the hometown of the Six Flags theme park Magic Mountain, California Institute of the Arts, College of the Canyons, and William S. Hart park. Residential areas vary from suburban neighborhoods to urban city life to rural ranch property.

The Valencia Town center is the local mall that has only a limited ammount of fascinaating store, making it's self rather average. There are two movie theaters, one in the Towncenter, the other in Canyon Country. It is the home of the Canyon Theater Guild, now the Santa Clarita Reigonal Theater. Other entertainment options include two bowling alleys, a Mountasia Fun Center, and a Scooter's Jungle.

All around a good place once you get past the snotty brats,a the wannabe gangsters, and potheads.
Santa Clarita, AWESOME TOWN! Where our gangs, don't even look thretening.
by Guidothespartoyouall December 8, 2010