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(Noun) slang for area of the female anatomy (Vagina). Used after justice thomas issued the lone dissenting opinion in a strip search of a teenager who was believed to be hiding an ibuprofen in her underwear
The other eight justices decided the search violated the 4th amendment.
Usage: "Keep your Johnson away from my Clarence Thomas or I'll get knocked up!"
by watchdoggie June 25, 2009
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verb -- to place a pubic hair on a beverage container -- usualy done as a prank. Named after the United States Supreme Court Justice who allegedly held up a can of Coke and asked "who has put a pubic hair on my Coke?" to the woman (Anita Hill) he supervised and was harrassing sexually.
Bob pranked me bad last night by ordering 20 pizzas delivered to my room, but I got him back by Clarence Thomasing his Dr. Pepper at lunch.
by sguire May 17, 2013
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