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A woman with the name of Clairlina, she may go by Clair, but this woman oozes class and sophistication. You either want to be her friend or you are intimidated by her confidence. She is very choosey, especially with her boyfriends. She is often underappreciated and misunderstood.

Beautiful, yet humble, a combination rarely found. Be careful though- under the facade lay criminal tendencies. Somehow, the positive energies emitted by Clairlina mean they always come up smelling of roses.

If you are called Clair or know someone named Clairlina, you’re the luckiest person in the world. If you know a Clairlina show your love for her! She's usually shy, but once you get to know her she’s awesome, funny, sarcastic, loyal and a lot of fun. She can be clumsy at times, but that just adds to her wonderful sense of humor! Clairlina are strong and determined, and did I mention have the smoothes, sexiest brown sugar toned skin, so hold on to her and show her you’ re love.

Her body is perfect with booty galore, she has curves in all the right places! She can dresses like a super model or the girl next door. She is smart, wise and caring. She has morals and is the farthest from a slutty whore, but tends to be flirty and accidentally lead guys on. She got a donk aka ghetto booty and knows how to work it. She has guys falling all over her, but rejects them all for her AMAZING boyfriend.
clair claire clairlina beautiful sexy intelligent
by Iwantyourclairlinainmylife October 05, 2011
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