Claire is a common name for girls. Means clear in french.

Claire can also mean a beautiful girl who many men are attracted too. In some versions, Claire is said to stand out in a good way, is very cute and clumsy, or is an intelligent, athletic and attractive girl. In many versions, she has many friends but many people are jealous of Claire. She is also known to have a wonderful body.
Man look at those curves! She is definitely a Claire!
by Muffins4C July 07, 2011
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Claire is an awesome girl dark brown hair hazel eyes medium height, plays lots of sports and is very good at them. Has tons of friends and loves all of them and is always there for them. Has lots of guys falling for her. Friends mean the world to this perfectly beautiful girl. ILY!!
omg that was amazing why can't i do that??? cuz you're not a Claire!!
by blahblah4321 February 19, 2010
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Usually tall, Hella pretty, big brown eyes, loves to have fun, is loved by everyone, usually popular, guys love her and are all over her. You can usually find her in the middle of a group of boys. she is often very athletic and plays a lot of sports. extremely funny and outgoing. she has lots of friends and is always there for them. Many girls are jelouse of her. She is very unique and wierd in a cute way. cool chick. drop dead beautiful...
OMG! Who's that cool chick? must be a claire.
by *spunkyspencer November 28, 2011
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She is a little harsh at times, but that doesn't matter. She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my whole life. Her hair is that of a blonde goddess, and falls perfectly. She has those eyes that shine like diamonds, and has a non-stop smile. She is hilarious, and is super smart. A reading whiz, Claire is the most amazing girl I have ever met. She has an angels voice (duh, she is one) that can sing anything, and mix harmonies. She is amazing. She is awesome. She is Claire.
Dude: I wish Claire would notice me as much as I notice her.....
by LoveTheAnimals April 30, 2013
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On the outside, she's gorgeous, smart and funny. On the inside, she's loving, passionate and caring. Every single thing about her makes you want her so badly. She's the girl who at times has no confidence in herself, whether that be in sports or in life. But she should know that she shines like the brightest star in the universe to everyone who truly knows her. She can make anyone's bad day a great one, someone you can always lean on when you feel down. She means so much more to people than she knows. She's the person who you try to ignore but can't ever stop thinking about. She's the person who always has something she thinks is the funniest thing ever, and yes, at times it isn't really funny, just listening to the excitement and joy in her voice makes you laugh along with her. She's the girl you always want to be with, but separation makes you realize how truly special and unique she is.
Wow, I'm crazy in love with Claire.
by SquatsIsMyLife October 30, 2014
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Others see Claire's as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They see Claire's as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends quickly or easily, but Claire's are extremely loyal to friends they do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know claire's realize it takes a lot to shake Claire's trust in Claire's friends, but equally that it takes a long time for Claire's to get over it if that trust is ever broken.
Claire is one of the most trust worthy people I know.
by Ewitsme February 11, 2015
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a super hot chick, with an amazing body. usually blond/blue eyed and tan. has the tendency to be a bit naive but is very smart and witty. has a great sense of humor and music taste and many girls are envious and want to be her. is a ray of sunshine, very bubbly. sometimes from the outside it is hard to tell what she's really thinking but once she lets you in, she can become your most dependable companion. has many guys falling over her but doesn't realize it, is amazing in bed, best you ever had.
damn, i wish i had a body like claire.

who does she think she is, a claire?
by qwertyjkjk October 18, 2011
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