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A 64 day U.S. Army school in Ft. Benning, Ga. that teaches infantry tactics in harsh conditions. Soldiers are rotated through a series of squad positions in varying phases. It is considered the Army's best leadership school. Upon graduating Ranger School a soldier/sailor/marine receives a "Ranger Tab" and his "Victor Qualification" (a MOS identifier), and returns back to his unit.

SIDE NOTE: There is a huge misconception that Ranger School makes a participant a Army Ranger. This is false. Actual Rangers serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment (1st,2nd,3rd Battalions), and attend Ranger School as merely one of the requirements in order to be in their Ranger Battalion.
Bar patron: "Are you in the military?"
Ranger: "Yup."
Bar Patron: "I'm a Ranger. I was in for four years."
Ranger: "Cool, what battalion?"
Bar Patron: "The 82nd airborne."
Ranger: "Umm, how the fuck are you a Ranger then? I'm in 2nd Ranger Battalion, and have lost friends doing what what real Rangers do."
Bar Patron: "Well, I went to Ranger School.... I was victor qualified in the regular army."
Ranger: "Pfft. The tab is 64 day training event, the Scroll is a way of life."

Ranger School sucks. It is a gut check that gives you little rest or food while performing patrols, for long durations. But if you think thats hard try being in Ranger Regiment, where soldiers actually perform the special operations combat mission and train year round.

Soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen can all attend Ranger School. It is open to all branches of services.
by 275WatchMan7tre April 24, 2010
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In reality, it is the name for the training center for the United States Army Rangers. However, Moffett Squadron cadets commonly use this in insults to one's mother.
Your mom goes to Ranger School!

Ya? Well I bet you think they'll let you tie your shoes at Ranger School.
by Moffett Rules October 20, 2006
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