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the act of cutting off one to many cars by passing from the right lane especially at a red light. Gets its name because is usually only possible in the city.
Driver: Dude, were gonna be late!

Passenger: Just city fuck everyone at this light.
by BLURian March 01, 2010
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A "City Fuck" is a more extreme than the term "City Slicker". Lots of country folk usually say this word as a insult if you live in the city. Being a "City Fuck" is when you lived in the city for most of your years, and if you consider yourself a "City Fuck" than you probably aren't
Cityfuck- 23 year old man, lived in the city for 20 years
Not a Cityfuck- 23 year old woman, lived in the country for 20 years
"I saw a CityFuck yesterday, they talked to me in this fuck-boy country accent."
"I like CityFuck's! One even gave me a pocket knife yesterday."
"Someone said "If your rich, you wouldn't be here." But i don't like cities, i was born there but i hate cities."
"I hate it when someone calls me a City person, its like saying i'm a city fuck right up in my face! So i do the same by calling them a CityFuck"
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by CityFick March 06, 2018
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