The act of rolling your cock into a cinnamon roll, applying your choice of frosting, then allowing your guests to lick it off.
Dude i'm craving a Cinnamon Rolling.
by The_Cinnamon November 5, 2011
A person who is too innocent for this world yet has some spice. Does things at the most inconvenient times. Sweetheart at most. Adorable/ hot.
Awwwww he’s such a cinnamon roll.
Adrien Agreste is a cinnamon roll
by Bedzdy July 24, 2021
A small innocent-seeming person that’s actually not pure at all.
OMG Billie Piper in Penny Dreadful is such a cinnamon roll.
by thedoctordonna July 1, 2015
Cinnamon rolling is a handshake whereby two or more people all put their right hands in together so their fingertips touch, wiggle their fingers then cry "CINNAMON ROLLLLL!" while curling their arms round so that all participants are making a big spirally shape with their arms. It was introduced by the Australian psych band Pond, and has since been adopted by UK bands Swim Deep and Peace among others, often as a pre-show ritual.
For an example, see Freshly Squeezed's interview with Swim Deep on youtube, skip to 3.13.

Great for making friends with people at gigs "Hey guys! Cinnamon rollll!" At this point they either have no idea what you're on about (in which case explain) or they do, and you bond over this shared piece of pop culture knowledge.
by petmonsta May 15, 2013
A noun, used to describe an extremely fat person who has had their shirt ripped off, and has been ejaculated on by multiple men, giving them the appearance of a cinnamon roll. Also referred to as "Martin".
"I swear to god, if you dont shut the fuck up, Ill turn you into a cinnamon roll!"
by Kris "The Bironator" Biron February 27, 2008