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A form of government with aspects of fascism and capitalism. A world where humans are ranked on their worth from A, which is similar to the legislative branch, to F with only a few humans at rank S, which is equal to the executive branch. F ranks can go to A rank in a single day, but the opposite can also happen. Only rank Ss, people who have truly demonstrated that they are the top, stay. Ranks can be changed through gain/loss of capital, gain/loss of honor, and gain/loss of resources. Humans who prove their worth with a talent will also be subject to increase in rank. Ranks do not apply to children under 18, but their parents' statuses will affect their lives.
Cindyism? DIdn't Cindy just make that up again?
No, CIndyitus, Cindy logic, and Cindyism are all real and should be respected as peices of modern art.
by Isitreallyhardtoguessthename February 24, 2017
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When your brain thinks of something either incredibly dumb or highly sexual and your mouth uncontrollably says those thoughts outloud for the world to hear.
While searching for your dropped earing on the floor under the dinner table in a restaurant you pop your head up as a cindyism forces you to inform your dinner mates your not sucking the person sat next to you.
by Nuts and bolts July 05, 2017
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