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1. Cigaretted-Out is a condition where a person, usually women, is utterly Ravaged by tobacco. The symptoms include dry skin, yellow teeth, crow's feet and a general look of bad health.

2. Cigaretted-Out can also describe a smoker's condition after several hours of steady chain-smoking at an event like a concert. The thought of having another cigarette makes them sick at that point because they have achieved the maximum amount of nicotine that the body will allow.
1. "Look how Ravaged that girl is. She's 25 and looks like she's 40! She's all Cigaretted-Out."

2. "I just got home from Woodstock. I musta smoked 20 packs of cigarettes in 4 days. I'm totally Cigaretted-Out!"
by iceman 69 January 04, 2010
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