The wrinkles around the eyes caused by long-term habitual chronic laughter.
-dude, becca is always laughing at anything and everything.

+yea, that's why she has those ginormous crow's feet.

-fuckin' becca!
by can you guess who June 8, 2005
Also known as “hyperkinetic skin lines”, these are the skin wrinkles radiating like spokes from the lateral canthus of the human eyes, forming the appearance of a crow’s foot from each eye. Produced as the result of sun damage to skin and chronic repetitive contraction of the orbicularis oculi facial muscles, which are used in smiling, laughing, squinting, and crying.
“Stephanie’s gnarly crow’s feet make her look 20 years older. She needs to get some Botox injections”
by Casademilsuenos March 2, 2019
a female who had a hard life growning up and some where along tha way lost it and became a slut a dirty feet hoe ass chicken head..and that is a Akkkwawwww Crows Feet.
hey man did you see me over there boppin them crows feet
by D.Beezy September 25, 2010
When a woman has wrinkle’s around the corners of their mouth from sucking too much dick. Average age 35 to 60
Ohh can you tell if a cougar has sucked a lot of dick , just formblowjob crows feet:
by Grizzlygunnz March 20, 2018