The best family of fish in the world. Very intelligent for fish as well. Most are highly agressive and territorial. They will even kill piranha to protect their young.
Believe it or not, the freshwater angelfish is in the cichlid family.
by Steve March 27, 2005
an awesome type of tropical fish to keep in your tank. most types will easily kill piranha and are really smart and agressive. A red devil cichlid or jack dempsy cichlid will easily tear apart a piranha. I own a few and feed them goldfish and my big jack dempsy will eat live mice.
cool hey. They only thing that can easily kill them is cold water. dont put your hand in the tank.
dude 1: whats that thing in your tank eating mice
dude 2: cichlidtropical fish
by crapper June 19, 2006
Verb - An accident in which a man impregnates a woman through her mouth, by accident, very much like the mouth breeding ritual of a cichlid fish, which is completely on purpose.
she called me a couple months later saying I cichlid fished her, damn.
by deeznuts437 November 30, 2009
A hybrid cichlid fish commonly found in the aquarium trade.
P1: Yo have you seen those blood parrot cichlids there awesome!
P2: Hell yeah i did!
by Yopebs August 17, 2022