A 70 year old cartoon of Bugs Bunny mocking Elmer Fud for boarding up his rabbit hole.

It is also a play on word for “Chunky Anus
Don’t be such a Chungus
Damn girl, you have a fine Chungus
by Tomorrow Morning January 7, 2019
When something is the absolute best. Nothing can compare.
I found $20 on the ground, that’s the chungus.
by Babycakes699 October 15, 2021
Known as a ashy fat black man.
Yo nigga you lookin like a ruff chungus today
by Wizard kylo March 28, 2019
A very ugly fat idiot. He is also a stalker and offends girls in very sexist ways. If you ever see chungus, try to kill him. It will be best for the world.
Omg look it’s Fat Chungus! We need to kill him!
by sa_07 May 29, 2021
A picture of Uncle Moe with Nick Molnar’s face edited onto it.
Hey look at my new contact picture for Nick Molnar it’s combined the current big chungus joke we’d been saying earlier and has uncle moe in it therefore making him uncle chungus, this is really good.
by Read911 August 8, 2021
When the world was plunged into chaos and darkness by the Gal-quaeda, there was one brave warrior who liberated the world from them by wielding his mighty Balatkari sword and ushered in a new era of Male domination. He used to travel the land sticking his sword into those evil beings and turned their frowns upside down. His sword was capable of penetrating any foe human, animal or baby. He was the light of hope, who everyone prayed too and he used to bless his disciples with his special home brewed jamba juice.
Many brave men died during the dark era, but the legendary warrior Beva who was entrusted by Nidhi to wield the desi Chungus managed to save what was left of huMANity
by LilNiggle March 18, 2021
Quality Chungus; a "thing" that is very useful and ingenious.
'Now that's Quality Chungus'.
by 👌 Kapeesh👌 June 22, 2022