Chum Chum is extra fat/flab that is on you're forehead. This can also be related to fat layers on the foreskin.
" Wow Harris that is a lot of Chum Chum you got there"
by Tado October 12, 2009
Act(s) that lead(s) up to and includes sexual intercourse (i.e. making out, hugging in "that way", etc.)
Is that chum chum I see in that dark corner?
by Mars November 9, 2003
fat or chubbiness
That boys gotta little chum chum on him
by DA BOY Nizzle April 28, 2003
1.The female private area. 2. the dudes anal area
1."Yo i was in da yard rite and den i bent down and dis nigga tried to take my fuckin chum chums son."
by Choe April 27, 2006
Chum chum basically means banana. It's a social experiment to see if we can create new meaning to a word by Hank Green from Crash course on youtube.
The chum chum I bought last week is so delicous.
Not all chum chums are yellow.
My girlfriend likes chum chum.
by PirateKingPhoenix July 6, 2017
verb. to chit chat or talk friendly with another person.
also to mingle in a crowd, to kind of suck up (brown nose) with another. Usually at awkward church functions.
"Hey, where have you been?"
"I was over there chum-chumming with the Smiths. They are so weird."
by toasterheadtil September 17, 2008
Did you see that chum chums finishing out the whole buffet????
by YOLOOOOOO!!!! April 11, 2012