The point of the night when ur not just buzzed anymore but you're not hammered either. It's the feeling good point when you think you are better than anyone else and every girl in the room suddenly looks way hotter.
-"Dude you look hammered, want to puke?"
- nah man im just a little Chukis.
by D'SHZNT June 2, 2009
when translating the word chuki from Japaneses to English it means "middle years"
The 240sx Chuki was made from 1991-1994
by JayDrift240 May 29, 2008
Your friends or friend , homie, boy , homegirl, your family member , your loved one or even someone that your close to.
Dan said " whatsup chuki? "

Carla replied back " nothing chuki bear "
by hayjunt June 20, 2015
Not-so-trendy tan lines left by wrist watches.
Dang, that's a hella wicked chuki mark you have there.
by alhom akihcur September 22, 2006
A style of high five. made in recognition of something or used as a greeting, made only with the point of the elbow, and moved from side to side.
my freind said something awsome. So we exchanged elbows in the form of the chukie cheeze style
by Billy Giannelli October 11, 2007
A high five made with the point of the elbows.
my freind and I were discusing basket ball and he mentioned my favorite player. so we gave each other a high five in the style of chukie cheeze.
by Billy G. October 11, 2007
Mostly defined as a guy who love and care's for who he loves. Not so funny but you ganna laugh "loll"

Kisses muah!!
*Chukie loves Ayobami so much.
*Don't call your pet CHUKiE!!
by Bami77 February 29, 2020