When used as a proper noun, Chuggs refers to the name of God's roommate in the television show, Family Guy. This name is a common nickname you can use on almost all your friends just for the hell of it. Works especially well when they know where the name comes from.
"Sup Chuggs."

"Ok Chuggs, whatever you say."
by yayUD May 10, 2008
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The large jugs of a woman that is on the chubby side of things.
by McDean September 21, 2009
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UGGS inspired boots, usually gotten at Payless or Target.

"Mom, I want some new boots, and don't try to pass off those Target Chuggs as the real thang!"
by angieinar January 7, 2009
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When hefty women wear Uggs and stretch them out to fit their cankles in
Robin got a new fresh pair of Uggs but after fitting her cankles in them they quickly became Chuggs
by realjman March 19, 2015
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A word deprived from the words chill and thug. Can be used by anyone to express a feel of relaxation.
Basically a simple way of answering the question "what's going on?" instead of saying "nothing much" - just say Chugg
1. Talib: Wassup?
Nas: Chugg how bout' you?

2. Izzi:Hey lil' mama, damn you a stunna. How you been?
Lela: Chugg. I missed ya.
by Mano Bacardi April 16, 2008
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An alternative spelling of chugz meaning the subject (usually a female) is both ugly (uggs) and chubby or fat (chubbs)

Oh my god! My eyes burn she's so chuggs!
by Stuka^ October 24, 2005
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A thick, heavy, pudgy blob of goo, for example, when you eat a large meal then exersize, you feel the chugg in your stomach
I have a huge chugg in my stomach OR "dude, you see that chugg of dog poo?"
by thebigz September 8, 2008
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