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A very small variety of turtle, either 1 or 2 milimeters tall. They live in groups of 5 called chiggers and are always boucing up and down. They all wear flannel shirts, only, and never take them off. They never grow, are born 5 at a time, and they never die. They are everywhere, literally. The first chuger is named Madarto and he is like the Indian Jesus of chugers. They are scared of boxes. They originated in Frederick, MD underneath the scoreboard. There is now a very concentrated population in Lock Haven, PA. They like to hide and all they eat is potatoes. They are good at backflips.
Chugers wear flannel shirts to protect them from wind, rain, snow, and boxes. Especially turtle boxes, chicken boxes, and chicken-in-a-coup boxes.
by chicken-in-a-coup box April 13, 2009
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