To be pleased, gratified and satisfied.
Now that you've eaten, don't sit there all chuffed! Help me clear the table, please.
by talk2me-JCH January 17, 2021
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To be very excited and/or impressed.
"I am so chuffed about going to the concert Friday night!"
by Babydoll75 February 26, 2019
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being extremely relaxed, usually while high on marijuana
Yesterday you were so chuffed that you passed out on the couch all day.
by facelyft November 06, 2018
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To have something SHOVED up your Anus hole repeatedly
"Fuck me, I was chuffed last night! "
"hard and intense, Yea"
by AlextheWalex February 13, 2020
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To be very pleased, proud or happy with yourself
I just scored free tickets to the gig, I'm well chuffed!
by dr.rob June 10, 2004
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To be quite proud of ones self.
I just had my first backshot experience, i'm so chuffed!
by SOPHisACE November 21, 2001
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