The act of greeting another person, basically saying hello in a more ghetto fabulous way. A deuce is chucked when you hold your middle and index fingers like a peace sign, sideways with knuckles showing to whomever you are greeting.

Great way to show respect, say hello, greet anothe from a distance.
Derrick T. would always chuck a deuce to his set as he drove out of the parking lot.
by Urban Dictionary November 26, 2006
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When on acid, you spin a slinky really fast in front of a bright light, you're chucking a deuce when you get two circles to form.
Check out dudeman with the slinky, can you chuck a deuce?
by DavidHalk November 28, 2006
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The act of holding one's index and middle fingers in a 'peace' sign above another persons head, usually performed when a picture is being taken.
"Ok, everyone smile! Tom, quit chucking your deuce, this is a serious picture."
by the texan February 15, 2012
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The act of leaving and saying goodbye to everyone in the room at once by throwing two peace signs up. The act of chucking them depends on the chucker; some throw it to the side, some do the Richard Nixon and some just say "deuces".
Wish I could hang out but I' have to chuck deuces. I'll catch up with you tomorrow. Later
by MeezyFizzle September 25, 2010
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