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A disease that leaves a person addicted and dependent to a bitch. If that bitch decides to leave him/her, that person becomes an emotional train wreck and does nothing but lay around and mope. In worst cases, that said person would think he/she is in an R&B music video- something worse than self-mutilation.

The only cure for Chronic Bitch Dependency is learning how to control the bitch and make her behave- hit the bitch if she doesn't do what you say until you achieved desired results.
APNS: "Uh, Mr. Dubuois my name is A Pimp Named Slickback and this, sir, is an intervention."

Tom: "An intervention?"

APNS: "Your friends have reason to believe that you are suffering from Chronic Bitch Dependency, Mr. Dubuois. May I call you Tom?"

Tom: "Is this some kind of joke?"

APNS: "Tom... Bitch Dependency is no laughing matter. Addiction to a bitch can fuck with your friends, your health, and scary enough, even your money. It's a disease, Tom."
(~Boondocks, season 2, episode 2)
by RROMM October 21, 2007
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An affliction making one dependent upon a woman who he is dating or married to. Symtoms include: inability to stand up for yourself, giving into to all her "bitching", crawling back to her after every argument, taking blame/apologizing even when you are not at fault.
A man is talking to his girlfriend on the phone.
She suspects he is not paying attention to her and is no longer willing to talk to him and hangs up.
The boyfriend, confused, insistently calls her back leaving apologetic messages on her machine as-well-as sends her gifts, fearing that if he doesn't she will leave him.

This man suffers from chronic bitch dependency.
by Samir Qureshi October 17, 2007
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Addiction to a female that has dissed or left you for somebody more important. Consiquently you mope around thinking about her although she was a bitch to you. It can mess with your freinds, your health, and scary enough, your money.
Did you know that scientist believe that some people are actually born with the genetic pre-disposition to chronic bitch dependency tom?
by Jamal Cov October 15, 2007
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