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one who abhors or does not understand jesus and his teachings. one who rationalizes that they have no belief in heaven or hell.
a christophobic is one who imposes humanistic, atheistic or wiccan religion on others on christian people. communist, liberals, democrats
by wmotor December 31, 2008
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Most atheists are Christophobic for their irrational fear and hatred of religion, religious people, crosses and Jesus Christ (just mentioning his name drives many of them on emotional rants). Many of these atheist idiots are hypocrites who are against the bullying of gays and atheists but espouse Biphobia (which is discrimination against bisexual people which is exhibited in many gay people) and discrimination against religious people.
Jack the gay atheist was Christophobic and blindly believed in nonscientific ideals such as naturalism and abiogenesis. Jack was an atheist idiot.
by Skialian January 09, 2014
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