A person Who believes that God, came down to earth in the flesh, died on a cross, and saved the sins of many. past,present, and future. It is a relationship. Yes some Christians do wear signs and yell at people saying that they are going to hell. but most Christians are not that. Sadly though, they are painted by the brush of those who do yell and scream at people. (this is to all you people who do yell and scream at other people. put down the bull horn, shut up, and actually love people the way Jesus does. Don't go yelling and freaking people out!)and we do not force people to convert, we merely ask (and yes, sadly some shout) if we ask you to come to church, its like asking if you wanna go see a movie. Christians love people, they don't all hate.
guy #1 " do you want to come to church? were giving away $500 this Sunday."

you "sure, I'm not doing anything Sunday, just watching tv all day"

Being a Christian is actually fun, not a list of rules
by Darkends March 27, 2008
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1. noun - a member of a religion who believes that Jesus was the son of God and was placed on earth to save humanity from its sins. There are many doctrines besides this central tenet that are either rejected or accepted by any number of Christian sects, or denominations.

Most Christians believe in kindness to their fellow man, charity, a basic moral code (Ten Commandments), and reciprocity (Golden Rule). Also, many Christians believe in aggressively attempting to convert non-Christians to their thinking, since Christians believe that pagans will all go to hell when they die.

Unfortunately, Christians have a poor track record of sticking to their beliefs, and throughout history have used the religious estalishment of Christianity to perpetuate evil as well as good upon the world. Christians are often stereotyped as self-righteous, hypocritical, and willfully ignorant in addition to any positive traits instilled by their religion.

2. adjective - pertaining, related, part of, or similar to Christianity.
1. Atheist (me): I believe that there is no God, but you can believe whatever you want as far as I'm concerned.

Tolerant Christian: oh, cool. Personally, I'm planning on going to heaven to be with Jesus, my Savior and Lord.

Intolerant Christian: oh noes! A heretic! You're gonna burn in hell, Satanist!

2. The Catholic Church is a Christian institution.
by R34lpolitik November 13, 2007
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A males name
no one with this name has to believe in the christian religion, but it did orignate from the religion.
hey whats your name
by khlowie December 10, 2007
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an absolute fag. Everyone hates him. He has a tiny dick and he's a complete douche.
Man, I can't believe christian got a fuck-buddy! His dick is like -1.5 inches!
by ninerniner69er November 30, 2017
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Gay cunt that is an actual disease to this earth. usually a 6/10 overall.
Man! stop being such a Christian!
by nigherr2008 April 18, 2017
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