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Chrisha's are beautiful , amazing and typically have dark hair. They are liked by everybody and they know how to have fun. They have many friends and it doesn't take much for them to trust you but, if you break their trust you will probably never regain it. Chrisha's are very good , loyal and trustworthy friends. They will stick by you when nobody else will if they are close with you. They are able to keep secrets, they have a tough time not telling other people but, a secret is a secret so, they keep it to themselves. Chrisha's are very smart but, sometimes they put other priorities before school, they tend to be underacheivers and are also very athletic. Sometimes, Chrisha's break down and cry when they're alone when they get overwhelmed but, nobody ever finds out because they want to come off as being tough and careless about everything. Be careful what you say to Chrisha's because sometimes they take mean and rude comments to heart, they say they don't care about what other people say but in reality they do. Chrisha's are alot prettier than they think they are and the guys swoon over their beauty. When you're with a Chrisha, there will not be a dull moment!
Guy 1: "Damn, have you seen that new girl"

Guy 2: "Yeah she's a Chrisha"

Guy 1: Ohman for real? , She beautiful"

Guy 2: " ahlie and she is so much fun to be with!"
by LA'stheplace January 27, 2013
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Most Chrisha's are amazingly fabulous and fun to be around. While being peppy, energetic and generally happy go lucky, they also know how to hunker down and be serious, taking care of their own. Chrisha's are major social butterflies and love to have a glass of wine with friends on a regular basis.
"Have you met that new girl? She's so Chrisha"!
by Quizzmaster February 03, 2010
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