Chris Davis is a powerhouse. He is constantly fueled by the love he has for other people and the love he has for what he does. Don’t underestimate him because he has more to offer than you could ever imagine. He has a heart of gold, and you are so so lucky if he chooses to give you a piece of it. He is musically blessed, to witness him play music is to be transcended from this earthly realm into another beautiful place far far away. He is the absolute best lover you could experience, he will give you nights you’ll never forget. He is gorgeous from the inside out, and once you realize there’s so much more to him than his captivating appearance, there’s really no going back. He will make you the happiest person in the world without even trying...Chris Davis is unlike any other. If you encounter one in your life, love him with all your heart and keep him close to you.
“who’s the new guy you’re with?”
chris davis..”
“oh shit. you’re about to have the happiest relationship ever.”
by izzawizza May 23, 2019
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