To take your frustration out on a person, as in punch in the face, or slap..
My girlfriend started to make disrespectful comments toward me so I Chris Browned her. I bet she won't be talking no more..

HAHA that why your girlfriend just Chris Browned you...
by 0HS0P0PPiN February 9, 2009
To excessively beat a bitch with no remorse.
"Damn tttina pissed me off last night and I Chris browned that bitch"
by Rymo Mcvogue & Mike Roe February 24, 2009
In various forms ranging from a simple bitchslap to a straight up ass whoopin. Works in many forms in real life to sports to round of HALO, WoW or Continuum.

Originates from the Chris Brown-Rihanna domestic assault incident.
Computer> I just Chris Browned ZenaBee 10-2, ez
ZenaBee> comp yeah u killed me
ZenaBee> stop using chris brown
by 14A67 February 10, 2009
When a girl gets her ass beat by her boyfriend or husband for stepping out of line
Girl: Who the fuck is this bitch that keeps calling you?

Guy: BITCH u better get out my face with all that bullshit fore' u gets Chris Browned!
by Ksolo101 February 15, 2009
v. -To remorselessly assault a female.
He did not like that she was yelling so he Chris Browned her.
by Jeddahcoolboyz May 16, 2009
To get punched, biten, or slapped in the face repeatedly by someone you have had sex with.
Guy 1: Rihanna got the sh!t beat out of her!
Guy 2: Yeah man, she got Chris Browned !
by NJTrooper February 12, 2009