Originally a military strategy, the Chowder Cow is a sexual act in which two sweaty obese men super-glued in the 69 position are thrown from a helicopter into a tornado while experiencing simultaneous projectile diarrhea and fellating one another. Each man's left thumb is deeply inserted into the other's anus, resulting in two powerful cone-shaped fountains of liquid feces spraying in opposite directions as the spiraling, wet mound of rippling fat and human excrement violently plummet towards earth, ending in a massive eruption of flesh, bones, organs, and various bodily fluids vaguely resembling a mixture of clam chowder and ground beef. If both men experience an Alaskan Firedragon at the exact moment they come in contact with the ground, it is known as a Chowder Dragon.
Me: "It appears as if a Chowder Cow is headed in our direction."

Friend: "Shit."
by myno January 22, 2013
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What happens after having unprotected anal intercourse with a man with a tiny penis. The ejaculate doesn't get past the Anus Hotel lobby (so to speak) and coagulates very close to the one and only exit; occasionally causing a bloated feeling or general lower GI discomfort.
After they found him half naked with his scout master in the closet, he ran to that restroom so fast you just knew he was clenching chowder.
by Finn Gerbang January 06, 2015
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A poorly substantiated assertion regarding the future status or make of an item which is cited by a dubious party for later use as a reference of gross inaccuracy and to exercise gloating. Most often employed in the context of technological advancement.
Here's some Claim Chowder for you; my buddy swears that there's GOTTA be an e-ink version of the iPad soon since people love their Kindles so much.

Not gonna happen. The iPad is too good at playing back video.
by gruberfan April 23, 2010
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A g-string that smells of clam and has the consistency of chowda
Omg I took my thong off after workin in the summer heat and damn I had chowder thong!!!
by Lisa Kaiser & Julie Carlton February 14, 2011
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British nickname for Washington Husky basketball player Matthew Bryan-Amaning.
Dude 1: The Huskies are playing.
Dude 2: Here's to hoping Chowder Shit doesn't play!
by Mozzillest November 02, 2010
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Semen, so named for its similarity in texture and color to clam chowder. New England, of course.
"I splattered her bowels with man-chowder."
by Marcel Leroux August 16, 2004
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