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1. To excrete the contents of one's stomach in a projectile manner

2. To chuck away one's earlier chow via the esophagus

3. The latter of the popular womens' game 'Scarf-and-barf"

Syn - barf, puke, ralph, up-check, vomit
Present tense - "Shit dude, I think that fucktard is about to chowch all over your mom's roses!"

Past tense - "Yup, he chowched ALL over them... I think he got the lillies too..."
by Drake Cake June 02, 2010
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Chowch is a refernce to the way a particular person sits on the couch. They need to sit on the couch like they own it or to use another word they need to flamboast on that couch.
Yo get off my chowch. Hey thats my chowch seat. Get Benny off the chowch. I am just kicking it on the chowch. I am just chowchin it.
by michaelacurry March 14, 2008
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An ugly girl who is a whore or slut.
Also can be used for bitches and skanks.
That girl is such a chowch.
Bob: yo nigga your mom is a chowch
Dave: i know nigga
by swaggalicious001 March 06, 2012
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