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A person who cries while masturbating, and uses thier own tears as lubricant for masturbation.
Chris Martin from Coldplay. The lead singer of Blue October chooches all day long. Kenny G made a career out of chooching. Ricky Martin may also be a closet choocher.
by Queen of chooching February 02, 2009
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Someone who masturbates is a choocher. Chooch is slang for "Masturbate". Commonly used in some Canadian Aboriginal communities. Also a Winnipeg rec. league hockey team... "The Choochers".
Marc that damn choocher was really spanking itlast night...I heard him all the way down the hall.....I bet he bust some capillaries.

by Marc Robert May 13, 2008
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Another term for a vape or someone who always asks for your vape
“Aye you got that choocher on you today”

“Bro you’re always asking for my vape stop being a choocher”
by bggdhngththymu September 27, 2019
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A very good looking, athletic looking man in his late teens or twenties who still has a dewy-eyed, moist and hunky 'pin-up' look about him - more fresh-faced than rugged or sophisticated. Typically used to describe male eye-candy in any given location.
'From what the girls downstairs tell me, all the choochers in London work in telesales and live in Clapham'

'Did you see that choochy guy in sweatpants go by?'

'You should have seen the choochers at that party last night!'
by Peter Sierck March 16, 2008
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