The San Jose Sharks are up 3-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals! But their such Choke Artists that they will still probably lose!
by FegelFatso April 20, 2018
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Completely failing to succeed. Building up a season full of hype and shitting the bed unmercifully.
Washington Capitals: May 13, 2009 displayed the epitome of a choke artist in it's purest form.
by j. feldy May 14, 2009
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Ghost from True Capitalist Radio/The Ghost Show when he stumbles words constantly
Ex: "Stop calling me a choke artist. I only fum-fum-fumbled two wods-words you jerks!"
by KingOfFrop September 6, 2020
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A sports team who consistently chokes, regardless of how well they're playing.
The Mets and the Dodgers are prime examples of choke artists-- they may play as well as they could in the regular season, but ultimately blow their chances at a championship.
by Original Orangutans November 1, 2022
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