22 definitions by Original Orangutans

One might find themselves mashing off when they’re bored of watching porn.
by Original Orangutans December 27, 2018
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A person who always farts when their butt is exposed.

The term derives from a common cliché in films, whenever an exposed butt is seen, there’s always a fart.
I always fart whenever I go take a shit, I think I have a movie butt.
by Original Orangutans August 21, 2018
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If you fake something so decently, others will think you’re realing it.
by Original Orangutans June 13, 2019
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New boomer. Someone who was born after the baby boom but carries a mindset similar to those who were. Birth years for noomers: 1965-present.
My dad saw it as a blessing when my phone fell into a lake. He says I can read books all day instead, what a noomer!
by Original Orangutans August 19, 2019
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A sports team that is significantly better than most other teams in their respective league, but fall short of being the best.

In a direct matchup against the best team, they are the underdog.
In college football, LSU and Georgia are the overdogs of the Southeastern Conference. They are better than most other teams in the conference, yet are mostly overshadowed by Alabama.
by Original Orangutans March 28, 2022
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